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Community Conferences Quiz

After the previous MVP Community Quiz, it's now time for the next virtual quiz where you can test your community knowledge as well as win a cool little prize. This time we are playing the Community Conferences Quiz. With the current COVID-19 situation outside, many of us are bound to staying at home and can't go to in-person conferences. Let's shine some light on (community) events and activities within the tech community and test your knowledge in a new online quiz.

Win this awesome Baby Yoda Badge Reel and Laptop Stickers

By playing the quiz, you can also win something really cool! For each correct answer you will receive 100 points and you will see your score right away when you have submitted your answers. Enter the raffle for a chance to win a Baby Yoda Badge Reel, which is a cool addition to your future conference badges. You will also receive Tommy & Dory The Cloud Robots stickers, as well as can pick a Baby Yoda sticker from this collection:

You can easily attach the badge reel to your conference badges

Win, you must

The lucky winner will be announced on Friday, May 15 per email and the gift package will be sent per post. I hope you all stay safe and healthy, and I cannot wait to go to (community) conferences again and hope to see you soon somewhere out there :-) Take care!

Update May 15, 2020: The winner has been announced and the prize will be shipped to the lucky winner @KevRitchie. You can still play the quiz for fun if you like :-)


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