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MVP Community Quiz

How well do you know the Microsoft (MVP) community? How involved are you in conversations on Twitter, posts in the tech community or happenings at community events around the world?

Here's a community quiz with questions you might know the answers to, or just get lucky by guessing them right. You earn 100 points for each correct answer, with a maximum score of 1000 points if you answer all questions correctly.

The winner will be announced on April Fools' Day 2020 and wins:

  • A mix of cool community stickers sent per post

  • Eternal fame!

  • A surprise

Are you ready to test your community knowledge in 10 quiz questions?

Not sleepless in Seattle....

Originally I was supposed to be in Seattle between March 14 - 22, 2020 to spend the work week at the Microsoft campus, and meet with MVP friends from around the world for drinks, chats, community ideas, and speaker interviews. For obvious reasons, I unfortunately had to cancel that travel like many others but I hope I can make it into Seattle another time in the near future.


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