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Community #WFH Set-Up & Background Awards

In the past year, the community has truly stepped up their game in optimizing their home office. All these optimizations cost time, effort and money so let's take this opportunity to show your (new) home office set-up or background with pride!

launching the community awards

With so many amazing set-ups and backgrounds ruling our social media platforms, I thought why not bundle them all together so we can motivate and inspire each other with ideas, possibilities, tips on hardware and so much more. Especially for people who (need to) create their home office from scratch, it can be very useful to get ideas from the community. Therefore this launch of the "Community WFH (Working From Home) Set-Up & Background Awards to shine a light on the wonderful set-ups and backgrounds around the world!

What are the categories?

There are 2 categories in which you can participate (you may enter for both categories):

Categorie 1: # WFH Set-Up
Categorie 2: # WFH Background

what is the difference in these categories?

Your set-up is the way "you" view your office while working, so what's in front of you? Your monitor(s), your desk, your gadgets, show us the total picture you see while sitting at your working spot at home. Remember, this can be anywhere, so also your kitchen, your garden, your garage, where ever you created your spot to work from home.

Your background is the way "we" see your office while you are for example presenting a session or on a video call. Does your background show your personality, is it filled with conferences goodies and gadgets, or do you have a clean design or something else you want to show us? Then it's time to participate!

How can I participate?

Everyone around the world is welcome to submit their home office set-up and/or background by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Until when can I submit?

Rome wasn't built in a day either, and so you might also need some time to optimize your home office. Submissions are accepted until August 1st, 2021 by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Update August 1st, 2021: the submissions are now closed!

What can I win?

Glory! And of course - a goodie bag will be shipped to your home office including swag, stickers and other cool stuff from and for the community. You will also be invited for a short (video) interview to show us around your home office in a virtual tour and discuss your set-up, tips, tricks, experiences, your favorite items and their stories behind them.

UPDATE: The winner in each category will also receive a EUR 250 / USD 250 gift voucher to buy a cool gadget for your home office. More information will be shared soon, thanks to amazing community sponsors who support this initiative!

How will the winnerS be selected?

There will be help from community judges to select the top in each category. The community judges for the home office set-up are: Holly Lehman (@Lehman__Holly) & Richard Hooper (@Pixel_Robots) and for the home office background Isidora Katanic (@IsidoraKatanic) & Gregor Suttie (@Gregor_Suttie). The entire community will then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite set-up / background among these top selections in each category. The person with the most votes, wins!

When will the winnerS be announced?

The nominees will be notified per email and announced on social media on September 1st. Then the voting can start!

check out the PHOTO gallery

A collection of the submissions and Tweets can be found here in the amazing photo gallery of home offices around the world. Please note, only those who actually submitted through the form below officially enter the awards for the chance to win.

thank you to the sponsors!

Thank you to these amazing community supporters, who will donate a EUR/USD 250,- gift voucher to the winners.


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