Head in the cloud, heart in the community

Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community is a series of videos hosted by Holly Lehman and Isidora Katanic. Together we virtually "travel" around the world to speak with amazing community contributors to shine a light on the fantastic work they are doing. There's so much goodness in the world and we want to highlight that, especially to create a platform to discuss diversity & inclusion, career, life, love, tech, hobbies, dreams, ambitions, family and more. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy our past and upcoming episodes. With love, Holly & Isi 💜

Episode 10 - with Jess Dodson
Episode 9 - with LAurie Pottmeyer
Episode 7 - special with dona sarkar
Episode 8 - homeschooling in a pandemic
Episode 6 - with stephen l rose
Episode 5 - with rob tougher
Episode 4 - with dux raymond sy
Episode 3 - with lisa at the edge
Episode 2 - with Miri Rodriguez
Episode 1 - with samuel erskine
Episode 0 - launching soon!
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