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Coffee with Pros – by C# Corner

This July I had the honor to join "Coffee with Pros" as the guest speaker on their (virtual) live show. Scheduled for 45 minutes, we actually used a full hour (oops) as we spoke about a topic I can talk about endlessly: community. Stephen SIMON (Regional Community Director at C# Corner) and I speak about the power of the IT / Microsoft community and why I believe being involved and staying active is so important. Not only do we chat about the tech community, but also how you can use your knowledge and skills to help other communities around the world. We speak about my volunteering journey to Indonesia & Vietnam, the experiences there, my feelings during this trip and we look back at some of my favorite photos and videos. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working from home and I show you around my home office. You can watch the full episode here below, enjoy!

Thank You!

A special thanks to Stephen SIMON, for inviting me to this episode and especially for his dedication to the community! In case you aren't aware yet of the C# Community Corner, go check them out. If you're not a dev (like I'm not!), you will still find tons of useful resources and information including videos, blogs, career tips, tech news and more. You will also find many (past) and upcoming tech events both online and offline. In case you joined or heard about the Women in Tech Virtual Conference 2020 Annie Talvasto (Commercial Marketing Manager at Microsoft) and I co-hosted together in June, this was also organized by C# Corner. A huge thanks to this platform, it's such a pleasure and so much fun to work with the amazing team behind C# Corner!


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