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Women in Tech Virtual Conference 2020 - thank you!

Last week I had the honor to co-host the Women in Tech Virtual Conference organized by the C# Corner community. Annie Talvasto (Microsoft Finland) and I moderated the conference having discussions about important topics such as Diversity and Inclusion. We welcomed amazing female speakers from around the world, sharing their experiences and knowledge in 2 keynotes and 6 breakout sessions, with inspiring words in the welcome note from Charlotte Yarkoni, Corporate Vice President, Cloud + AI at Microsoft.

Get inspired by the Welcome Note

In the welcome note, Annie and I speak about Women in Tech, Diversity and Inclusion inspired by the impactful words by Charlotte Yarkoni. Charlotte enlightens that it's an important time for Women in Tech and those interested in getting a career in the tech industry. Diverse perspectives are very important to everything we do, they make us better, more empathetic people, result in creative problem-solving and lead to innovation. Watch the welcome note here to find out about the meaningful words by Charlotte Yarkoni:

Watch 5 hours of content from the Women in Tech Virtual Conference

In case you missed the conference or would like to watch the sessions again, there's good news! The entire event is recorded and you can enjoy the following sessions:

Watch all the sessions here:

Thank you to C# Corner!

The Women in Tech Virtual Conference 2020 is brought to you by C# Corner, which is a global community of millions software developers around the world. Their mission is to provide FREE education for everyone and to empower developers and all other tech enthusiasts to provide the latest unbiased news, advice and tools for learning, sharing and career growth. I would like to express my deep respect and say thank you to Mahesh Chand, Stephen SIMON and Magnus Mårtensson who play a significant role in the conference, giving us this stage and opportunity to uplift other women in the tech industry!

There's an impressive lists of events coming up by C# Corner , so if you are looking to engage with this community as a speaker or as an attendee, please check out the upcoming events.

Last but absolutely not least, I would like to thank my co-host Annie, she's a wonderful woman and I got to meet her in 2019 in Helsinki, Finland at the Polar Conf - which is the most northern Microsoft Azure-focused conference ;-) And to close it off, a big thank you to all the fab women in the speaker line-up who dedicated their time to speak at the event, this conference would have not been possible without you!


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