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Speaking at Microsoft Build 2020

Microsoft Build is the annual Developers conference organized by Microsoft on May 19-20, 2020 and I'm very excited I get to present in a live session. This year, Microsoft Build is hosted as a digital event making it free and accessible for everyone to attend! Indeed, with everyone that also includes you. So in case you haven't registered yet, make sure you do register not to miss 48 hours of digital content delivered by Microsoft and community speakers from all over the world.

The session catalog is live! build your schedule

There are so many learning opportunities at Microsoft Build around the clock, that I feel many people won't be sleeping a lot during the event. Every time zone on the planet is covered during Microsoft Build, so you can watch sessions in your own time zone OR even follow sessions in different time zones as you're watching from home (beware of a WFH-jetlag😉). The session schedule gives you the option to filter sessions on session type, products, level, topic and also on community topics. So speaking of community....... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Community Connections

Even with Microsoft Build being a digital experience this year, that doesn't mean you can only watch technical sessions for 48 hours. There's so much more going on, making the conference truly a special experience for everyone who's joining. Check out the Community Connections with sessions on all kinds of topics you can filter on Experts, Students, Fun and Wellness, Local and Startups. You can ask questions directly to the product teams, get help on projects you are working on, connect with others in your area, give feedback, try hands-on learning or you can also just join fun and wellness sessions. So if you feel like taking a break from technical sessions, come join us at the community connect!

Session Code COM178 - tune in on May 20!

I'm really excited and honored to join the Microsoft Western Europe Community Connections Experience session. In this live session we will show you highlights straight from the community, with interviews and panel discussions with developers and community organizers on their latest initiatives and programs for succeeding in learning and inspiring others. This session will be presented in English and there are many other local Community Connections Experience sessions for communities worldwide hosted in their local language.

So get yourself ready for Microsoft Build and check out all the other activities which are going on during the conference including #BuildForGood where you can share your personal stories about your innovations during these unprecedented times, participate in a Cloud skilling challenge or enjoy the Build Film Festival. All about that, you can read here on the Microsoft Build homepage. See you at Build!

Check out this Tweet from Donovan Brown, featuring Rick Claus and Sonia Cuff about #BuildForGood



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