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Patch & Switch Microsoft Ignite Post Show

If you're active in the Microsoft community, then I can't imagine you haven't heard of the legendary duo Patch & Switch. I personally met Patch & Switch for the first time at TechEd Europe in Barcelona back in 2015. But just a brief handshake at the Krewe party (as far as I remember they were playing billiards). Nevertheless I was fan-girling these two guys because of their funny videos and bag reveals around Microsoft Ignite, one of my favorite conferences which sadly we had to miss as an in-person event this year.

Rick & Joey a.k.a. Patch & Switch

So if you're still thinking, who are Patch & Switch let me give you a quick introduction. On the left Rick Claus is a Cloud Advocate Team Lead at Microsoft, and on the right it's Joey Snow, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. You might also know Rick for his famous Tilly hat and Joey for his amazing DJ skills. Together they make a duo of "two guys that couldn't cut it in the landscaping business and now entertain you with their talk about their lives as IT pros." However, up until today, it's a big secret who's Patch and who's Switch 🤷‍♀️😉

The Microsoft Ignite Post show

Streamed live on Microsoft LearnTV and on Twitch, I had the honor to join the Patch & Switch show as a guest together with Cloud Advocate Sarah Lean. In this episode we discuss Microsoft Ignite, our favorite sessions, what's in our virtual backpack, tech, fun and more. In case you missed it and would like to catch up, you can watch the recording of the session here. A huge thanks to Rick and Joey for inviting me as a guest speaker on their show!

You can watch the video here on Twitch:

Microsoft Ignite - Swiss Dev Community Update

Together with many others, I got to speak in the Swiss Dev Community update which was an exchange with Swiss Azure community leaders: what we do, what we plan, and what we see in the market.

You can watch the session on-demand here on the Microsoft Ignite website:

P.s. Microsoft Ignite # GetIsiACat

Oh this exploded at Microsoft Ignite becoming a somewhat trendy hashtag. Every live host of Microsoft Ignite at least mentioned once to get Isi a Cat, or smart Dona Sarkar mentioned to even get two cats! As the hashtag remains alive on Twitter, I can tell you a tiny step is made into the right direction but we did not agree yet that it's okay to get 2 cats :-) All of this is thanks to Orin Thomas, who was very persistent in starting the hashtag and supporting me! And a special thanks to everyone too who's on my side 😉💕

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