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msHOWTO Live! #12: How to Succeed with the Power of Community

On Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4:00pm UTC I'm joining msHOWTO Live! episode 12 to speak about the power of community. It's going to be an open video conversation over Microsoft Teams where Senior Software Engineer Mert Yeter, based out in Istanbul, will ask questions about all things community, including:

  • Building a community

  • Working together with communities around the world

  • How to start your own community

  • How to contribute to community

  • About giving to community

  • ....and a lot more!

Please feel free to tune in via Microsoft Teams Live Event to join us on September 15. In case you have any questions yourself, you can reach out to me or pop your questions in the Q&A chat during the live event. (Your mic/camera are automatically switched off in a Microsoft Teams Live Event, but you are able to use the Q&A chat feature).

I'm looking forward to this session and hope you will join Mert Yeter and myself where we speak about this topic of my heart: # community ❤

P.s. Not sure what time this is in your own local time zone? Tip: I always use World Time Buddy to figure it out :-)


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