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Microsoft Ignite The Tour | London 2020

Less than a week away and London will be bursting with tech enthusiasts for Microsoft Ignite The Tour. I’m very excited to fly out to the UK soon and attend the conference on January 16-17, 2020. In case you haven’t heard of Microsoft Ignite The Tour yet, it’s a leading tech conference hosted by Microsoft touring around the world to provide technical workshops, hands-on experiences, experts connections, breakout sessions and a lot more exciting activities during the 2-days event. For the complete overview with all tour stops around the world, check out this overview to find a city near you.

My reasons to attend

If we know each other, you might have noticed my passion towards conferences. I simply just love to be at a conference, whether it’s to attend, organize and even sometimes present at an event. In my opinion, it’s where people, passion, knowledge and technology come together creating a platform to exchange ideas, our lessons learned, tips & tricks, failures, successes, emotions, happiness and build friendships. For me personally, even find love as well as my current company in Switzerland.

Photo: with Thomas Maurer and Rick Claus at #MSIgniteTheTour in Amsterdam 2019.

Sometimes people ask me if I’m not tired from traveling, well of course I’m happy to relax and watch Netflix on the couch at home after a long trip, however I get a lot more energy out of it. I don’t like to sit still in a comfortable environment, I like to move around and break the day-to-day routine. It gives me inspiration for my work, fresh ideas, other perspectives, insights and there are always so many talented and knowledgeable people around to learn from. I discover new tools and technologies, current trends, ideas from other attendees with different backgrounds, and with that broaden both my business and personal network.

That said, I’m very much looking forward to Microsoft Ignite The Tour in London next week and to work remotely. I'm excited to attend the sessions and in particular, I'm looking forward to the session of Dona Sarkar and Dux Raymond Sy: From Geek to Chic: Build Your Brand & Elevate Your Career in 5 Steps. For the complete overview and session details, check out the sessions catalog.

See you there?

If you’re at Microsoft Ignite The Tour in London and would like to meet up, feel free to get in touch via the contact form, LinkedIn or Twitter and we can catch up over a cup of coffee (or English tea 😉) at the conference.


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