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Head in the cloud, Heart in the community

Today I'm so excited to share that Holly Lehman (Program Manager at Microsoft, mother of two, friend and an amazing woman in the tech industry) and I have been working closely together in the past weeks to launch our own video series "Head in the cloud, Heart in the community", highlighting members from the IT family. We created a platform for open and honest conversations with our great friends out there about all things tech, community, diversity, inclusion and lifestyle.

On our first episode we speak to our friend, geek by day freak by night, Microsoft MVP and Head of Cloud Engagement at Deloitte, the one and only Mr. Samuel Erskine. Here's a little teaser for you :-)

Stay tuned for the 1st episode to be launched very soon and a lot more shows coming up! Don't miss the announcements on social media so make sure you follow Holly or follow me on Twitter. Cheers!



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