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Home Office Awards– The Nominees

The moment you have all been waiting for! With almost an impossible task to choose from all these amazing home offices around the world, the community judges Holly Lehman, Gregor Suttie, Richard Hooper and Isidora Katanic have made their favorite selections! It for sure wasn't easy with many favorite ones, nevertheless with lots of pleasure we are happy to announce the nominees!

nominees in Category: Set-Up

Tobias Zimmergren


jeroen niesen


john lunn


dragana van tol


orin thomas


ivana tilca (winner!)


nominees in Category: background

Wesley haakman


luise freese


stefan dingemanse (winner!)


ståle hansen


elio struyf


stacy cashmore



Congratulations to all nominees and massive congratulations to the winners Ivana Tilca and Stefan Dingemanse! Stay tuned for a virtual home office tour streamed live!


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