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This was Global Azure Virtual 2020

Global Azure is an annual event that spans the world on a singe date, spreading enthusiasm and knowledge about Microsoft Azure. This year, the event grew from a 1-day to a 3-day event and had to pivot to a virtual event instead due to the current COVID-19 situation. Where usually communities from around the world get together on 300+ locations to meet in-person, this year Global Azure took place in multiple online streams organized by the community for the community. Over 300 hours of content were streamed and I had the honor to contribute to Global Azure in different ways:

Global Azure - The Featured Track

This was multiple days of lots of excitement being the virtual hostess of the Global Azure Featured Track, together with my fun and best-dressed co-host from the UK, Microsoft Azure MVP Rik Hepworth. Ensuring that everything was running smoothly, Microsoft MVPs Karl Ots and Alex Mang worked very hard in the green room to keep the engines running. We streamed live 4 days in a row, including a pre-show, 6 featured track sessions with top-notch speakers and ending the live stream looking back at the highlights of Global Azure 2020.

My personal highlight, with Natalia Mackevicius on the featured track
Behind The Scenes: Isidora Katanic, Karl Ots, Rik Hepworth and Alex Mang

Featured Track Session Recordings

The entire live stream of the featured track is recorded, and you can watch the recordings of the sessions here on the official Global Azure YouTube channel. Here below you can watch the highlights of Global Azure Virtual 2020 as well as interviews with the Global Staff - the drivers behind the Global Azure brand. But make sure you navigate to the YouTube channel, to watch interesting sessions with amazing speakers from the community and Microsoft Product Groups including:

  • Build high performance distributed apps with Azure Cosmos DB presented by Mark Brown

  • Ask Me Anything with Sami Laiho

  • Cloud Oriented Programming presented by Vishwas Lele

  • Whiteboard interactive session with Brendan Burns

  • It's a polyglot developer world presented by Mark Fussel

  • Extending the capabilities of the Intelligent Edge presented by Natalia Mackevicius, Tiberiu Radu, Javier Fernandez and Kristopher Turner

  • ...and more!

The Opening Poem to Kick-Off the UK & Ireland Stream

Global Azure Virtual 2020 is a huge success due to the tons of community efforts from all over the world. Over 250+ speakers were involved from every corner of the planet, delivering 320+ hours of Azure content to the community. Individual speakers stepped in, as well as communities organizing their own virtual streams. One out of many community efforts comes from Global Azure Virtual UK & Ireland. Here I had the honor to write the opening poem to kick-off their virtual stream. Thank you to @gregor_suttie and @Pixel_Robots for motivating me to write the poem! You can watch the video here:

Truly a community effort, thank you!

I cannot mention enough times how grateful I am to be part of this community. Community plays a very important role in my life both professionally and personally. We support each other, we help each other, and we give each other opportunities. Therefore I would like to thank everyone who was involved in Global Azure, and especially for giving me opportunities to contribute. Therefore, kudos to the Global Staff of Global Azure: @davidjrh, @fincooper, @iamalexmang, @martinabbott, @noopman, @sjoukjezaal and @wesleycabus.

In this photo: Magnus, Alex, Karl, Isi and Rik


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